civic service


Civic Service is a platform hosted by Parsons DESIS Lab at The New School to encourage interagency collaboration in local government and inspire civil servants to become intrapreneurs within their agencies. The platform works as a bridge between local government and innovators in the community by educating the public about government processes and practices, while also exposing civil servants to fresh ideas and projects from the private and non-profit sectors. Civic Service invites experts in design, innovation, social theory and public policy to help develop and deliver our programming.


The Civic Service Forum is about sharing innovative ideas and insights to public problems. Our monthly lecture series just for civil servants brings in luminaries from academia, public, private and non-profit sectors to have honest conversations about public issues and the challenges facing government. The goal is to create a safe space for inspiration, exploration and dialogue.



The Civic Service Workshop is a learning space for civil servants to acquire critical and creative problem-solving skills through project-based workshops. Participants work with municipal agencies as the workshop’s partners to tackle real, local problems. The goal is to teach basic design frameworks and tools to create positive change within government services.


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